Visa Service

Visa Service

Visas and permits

Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa to enter the Netherlands and a residence permit to study here for more than three months. If you work while studying, you may need a work permit.

Getting help with visas

The rules on visas and permits are complex, but Windesheim’s International Office provides full support to students and applicants who need help. 

Visas and permits: who needs what

The visa and permit requirements are summarised in the table below. Please note that, if you plan to work while studying, this has implications for your visa and permit requirements. Also, you can find an online checklist for studying in the Netherlands. Just enter your personal data and you'll receive information about visa, insurance, resident permit and grants.

Use the 'pathfinder' practical checklist


Entry visa (mvv) or/and a residence permit (vvr)

Extension Residence permit  Subsistence money (proof required)   Work permit required
1.EU/EEA nationals and Swiss nationals  No   N.a.  N.a. No 
2. Nationals of the United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Vatican City, Monaco  Yes,
Residence permit (vvr) without mvv
Cost: €317
 €159 € 867.68 per month 
Cost: free
3. Non-EU/EEA nationals from countries not in group 2. Yes,
mvv and residence permit (vvr)
Cost: €317
 €159 € 867.68 per month Yes
Cost: free 

Chinese nationals (including those who are currently living outside China, but excluding ROC nationals), need to apply for a Nuffic certificate as well.

More information on these websites

Working while you study 
List of EU and EEA countries 
Website IND (Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service) 

How to apply

Windesheim’s International Office will normally apply for a visa and/or permit on your behalf. The procedure is summarised in the table below. For full details, see our downloadable guide, below. 

Applying for visas and residence permits: who does what

 You …  We …  The authorities …
Include Visa Service Application form when applying for a place at Windesheim    
  Decide whether you can be offered a place; if so, send you an offer letter including a request for visa fees and documents  
Pay the visa fees and send us requested documentation    
  Submit your application to the Dutch authorities   
    Consider your application; if approved invite you to collect your visa from Dutch embassy in your country
Collect visa, taking requested documents with you     
On arrival in NL, register at Windesheim’s International Office     

Documents you need to provide

A documentation checklist is provided on our Visa Service Application Form. To get a visa, you need to demonstrate that you have adequate financial support. In practical terms, this means that you have to pay your tuition fees in advance and pay € 867.68 subsistence money for every month of your stay into the bank account of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. This subsistence money is not kept by Windesheim, it is returned to you right after we have received it.

Study progress

At the end of each academic year (in October), Windesheim International Office determines the annual study progress of the international visa students, except for exchange students. Satisfactory study progress is: 50% (or more) of the proportional nominal study load for a full or partial academic year. Contrary to this, international students must successfully complete the preparatory year. In case of insufficient study progress, the International Office will examine the cause, for instance by conducting a student's progress discussion with a student advisor. In case the international student does not study at all, does not study enough or cannot handle the level, the IND (Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service) is notified within one month after establishing the fact. In case of personal circumstances which can be regarded as valid reasons for unsatisfactory student progress, binding agreements are made with the international student so that the study can be completed in time. In such cases the IND will not be notified of the lack of progress. Only one exception for not notifying the IND about the lack of progress as a result of the same personal circumstances will be made per reference period. Windesheim  records any unsatisfactory progress and any personal circumstances as well as the fact that the IND was not notified. The IND will be informed by the International Office as soon as we establish the fact that a visa student has terminated his/her registration at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences.

Visa Service Application Form