Credits and grading

Credits and grading

As an international student at Windesheim, you'll get study credits for the modules you complete successfully.

Under the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), credits that we award can count towards the qualification you are studying for back home. So coming to Windesheim doesn't have to mean extending your studies.

Our international recognition

Getting ECTS credits depends on making a 'learning agreement'. This is a contract between you and us, saying what you will learn while you're here. Your 'home' tutor needs to countersign it.

ECTS users’ guide

Grading system

Windesheim grades performance using a 1-to-10 system, where 10 is the highest possible mark. We don't give percentage marks or descriptive grades. You need at least 5.5 to pass an exam. For details of how our system relates to the ECTS standards, see the table below. Please note that the mechanism for converting our marks to ECTS grades has not yet been finalized.

ECTS definition   %*  ECTS grade Our mark
Outstanding performance; only minor errors 
 10  A 8.2-10
Very good
Above average; some errors
 25  B 7.2-8.1
Generally sound; some notable errors
 30  C 6.3-7.1
Amply sufficient
Fair, but with significant shortcomings  
 25  D 5.9-6.2
Sufficient (pass)
Satisfies minimum criteria 
 10  E 5.5-5.8
Almost sufficient (fail)
More work required to obtain credit
 -  FX < 5.5
(no further distinction)
Insufficient (fail)
A lot more work required to obtain credit  
 -  F < 5.5
(no further distinction)

(*) Percentage (%) of successful students normally achieving the grade 

How performance is assessed

Depending on what subjects you study, your performance may be assessed in written or oral exams, or by giving you assignments. Assessments are usually at the end of the study block. If you fail an exam, you may re-sit it once (normally during the next block). If you fail again, you will probably be advised to repeat the module. Special arrangements may be made for international exchange students who have to go back home.