Process Optimization

Process Optimization

Autumn programme

Tomorrow’s engineers face the challenge to make logistical processes efficient and effective by continuous improvement.

About the course

You will learn how to improve business processes in general, and production and manufacturing processes in particular. You will be provided with the relevant models to assess the process in question, and to acquire the skills required to work in a project team and how to convince the management of necessary changes.

Course modules

Cooperation with companies

This course is offered in cooperation with international companies, where students will be doing a project for two days per week. A short overview of companies where we have accomplished projects: Scania, Unilever Ola, Bosch Nefit, Abbott.

Group work

You will work in a group with Dutch students and you follow classes with other international students. This will help you to develop intercultural skills. Process Optimization starts every year in fall (September up to January).

More practical matters

Credits back home

As an international exchange student at Windesheim, you will get study credits that may count towards the qualification you are studying for back home. So studying at to Windesheim doesn’t have to mean extending your overall study time. You will make a ‘learning agreement’ covering your stay.