Introduction to Windesheim

Windesheim and the Netherlands, Introduction (2 ECTS)

You will be introduced to your study at Windesheim and your stay in the Netherlands, and you will have a lot of fun too! At the end of this module and your stay at Windesheim, you will report on your experience in an essay in which you describe the similarities and differences you have come across between the Netherlands and your own country, and what the experience of studying in the Netherlands has meant for you in your studies and as a person.

'Introduction to Windesheim' is compulsory for all international students.

What to expect from this course?

This module consists of several activities, including an introduction week, organized by Students United in the Netherlands (SUN) in collaboration with Windesheim’s International Office. Furthermore through all kinds of activities, this module introduces you to the city centre infrastructure and political system at the local/municipal level. Specific national features will also be addressed, including Dutch language, folklore and geography. Among the cultural aspects to be dealt with features Dutch cuisine, with attention paid to dinnertime habits, traditional and preferred Dutch dishes and cultural and historical influences on Dutch cuisine. Specific cultural highlights of this module may include ‘Sinterklaas’, or ice-skating, depending on the season. Finally, visits will be paid to various places of historic interest, with relevant background information being provided.

• Entry Requirements: none
• Assessments: being present at 4 out of 6 activities and the final report, consisting of 2 essays.
• ECTS: 2
• Level: Bachelor
• Scheduled: semester 1 / semester 2