Professorship of Theology and Philosophy

Within the theology and philosophy theme, we conduct research into the form and substance of philosophical communication in a plural society.

About this research

Our society increasingly lacks a shared, instructive body of learning of the kind that served to guide earlier generations. Numerous organisations are wrestling with the question, that this professorship tries to answer, of how to deal with the differences in religious and philosophical understanding and perception within their target groups.

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Research themes

The core themes normative professionalism, philosophical communication and hermeneutical competency are central to the research of this professorship, which is underpinned by an assumption of plurality of outlook and perception in everyday life. The ongoing professionalization of university lecturers is one of the objectives.

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Research focus

The researchers of the professorship are involved in various research projects, for example in a project called Life Story Central. The project involves practice-focused research into innovations intended to support dementia care by nursing home care practitioners and their managers. But also projects around hermeneutical communication and rituals in cooperative schools have been set up.

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Dr André Mulder joined the research group of the Professorship of Theology and Philosophy as a researcher in 2008 and per October 1, 2009 as a professor. The focus of Mulder’s research activities lays on contemporary constructions of religious identity, the ideological communication in human-oriented professional practice and on the areas of mourning, death and commemorating.

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