Exercise and sport

Human Movement, Health and Well-being


Exercise and positive physical experiences are important for our well-being. That principle is utilized in the context of psychomotor therapy.

About this research

In recent decades, a valuable range of exercise-based and physical interventions have been developed in the field of psychomotor therapy (PMT). PMT is used when welfare and quality of life are threatened by psychosocial or psychiatric problems. The professorship's research involves amongst others studying how the interventions are used in centres providing orthopedagogical care, spiritual health care and rehabilitation care.

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Three lines of research

The Professorship of Human Movement, Health and Well-being looks at the efficacy of exercise-based and physical interventions, with a focus on:

  • Improving physical awareness
  • Regulation of feelings and behaviour
  • Expression and relaxation

Through various projects these three lines of research will take further shape.

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Research focus

The researchers of the professorship are involved in various research projects, for example in a project in which the value of body drawings and standardized observation in physiotherapy is investigated for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that cannot be satisfactorily explained or a project regarding the treatment of people with chronic aspecific pain.

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The inaugural line of research into existing connections between body experience and human movement on the one hand, and health and well-being on the other hand, was already shaped by our previous professor Ruud Bosscher. Jooske van Busschbach continuous the professorship’s activities in compliance with this original focus of research.

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