Health and Social Work

Health and Social Work

The health and social work research theme is based on the idea of prevention to improve the quality of life for groups and individuals.

Focus topics

Health and social work are very important, both for individuals and for society as a whole. They have a major bearing on the quality of life, and personal quality of life is a key determinant of social vitality. The health and social work research theme is concerned with prevention. Research within this theme contributes to improvement of the circumstances in which groups and individuals live in our local and regional communities. Focus topics include young people, the elderly, addiction, and psychiatry and technology in health care.

Addiction Prevention

The team’s work in the field of Addiction Prevention is aimed at the professionalisation of people who work to prevent addiction. We develop tools with a view to enhancing communication with at-risk groups and we study the personal characteristics and experience-based expertise of people working in prevention.
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Healthy Cities

The health and welfare of Zwolle’s young people are central to this research accent. The main factors determining the healthiness of local children’s lifestyles are studied and influenced at the city or neighbourhood level.
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Human Movement, Health and Well-being

Exercise and positive physical experiences are important for our well-being. That principle is utilized in the context of psychomotor therapy. The Professorship of Human Movement, Health and Well-being looks at the efficacy of exercise-based and physical interventions.
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ICT innovations in Health Care

Effective and efficient use of ICT is essential in health care. But what do patients or clients need? What are the parameters of their expectations? And is care actually improved by the ICT that is deployed?

Innovating with Older Adults

This research group does applied research on innovations involving older adults, aiming to improve the life of both healthy and vulnerable older adults by developing, sharing and implementing knowledge.
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Obesity Prevention

Childhood obesity is a major social problem because of its influence on the future productivity of affected individuals and on the cost of caring for them. By developing, sharing and applying knowledge, we seek to contribute to the prevention and treatment of obesity.

Youth Care

Youth care will be undergoing a lot of changes in the years to come. As from the year 2015, Dutch municipalities will be responsible for all support, help and care provided to youths and parents. This transition in youth care goes beyond a mere transfer of administrative and financial responsibilities to municipalities. What it takes is a transformation in youth care organization and working methods, based on a comprehensive vision on the working method in the youth chain and preventive care. Besides practical research on this topic, the professorship contributes to the development of qualitatively sound study programmes for youth care workers.
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