Exercise and sport

Excercise and Sport

Sport is healthy. About ten million Dutch people participate in sports. Unfortunately, however, children are not exercising enough and therefore need some encouragement.

What other benefits does sport have, besides keeping you healthy? Research has shown that physical exercise has a positive effect, not only on physical health, but also on mental health. Within the research theme Human Movement and Sport, we seek to identify the best ways to use sport and exercise in various settings in order to promote mental health. We also consider how exercise education can be improved.

Human Movement, Health and Well-being

Exercise and positive physical experiences are important for our well-being. That principle is utilized in the context of psychomotor therapy. The Professorship of Human Movement, Health and Well-being looks at the efficacy of exercise-based and physical interventions.
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Human Movement, School and Sport

Research in the field of exercise, school and sport is aimed at the acquisition of knowledge regarding exercise habits of children, young people and adults in the school environment, in sports clubs and in other recreational settings. What, for example, is the relationship between sports clubs and exercise education in school?
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Sport-related educational Theory

This professorship puts its focus particularly on a safe sporting climate. How can we ensure a healthy setting for sport, in which elite athletes, amateurs and youngsters can develop without having to contend with inappropriate behaviour, such as intimidation, sexual harassment, violence and bullying?
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