How can an entrepreneur anticipate change? Could business be greener? How do you keep abreast of trends? The focus of this research theme is the development and sharing of enterprise-related knowledge. Emphasis is placed on sustainability, adaptability and innovation.

How can a business remain successful when the market is constantly changing and ever more emphasis is being placed on social accountability? With a view to adapting, innovating, trading more ethically and operating more efficiently, organisations are increasingly inclined to form alliances. Especially in the SME sector, partnerships with clients, suppliers and consultants are now commonplace. Our research activities are divided into several subjects:

Accountancy and Controlling

How much accountancy does a business need? What can accountants achieve through the use of social media? Do consumers still trust financial institutions? Should enterprises remain well within the rules or push at the boundaries?

Family Businesses

Three quarters of SMEs in the Netherlands are family enterprises and 40 per cent of the working population works in a family business. With a view to supporting performance in this economically vital group of businesses, Windesheim undertakes exclusive research into the family business sector.

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International Business

Each ‘foreign’ country has its own laws and regulations, customs and etiquette, corporate culture, knowledge and market conditions. Our research focuses on companies and organizations learning how to do business in environments that differ from what they’re used to in their home country.

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Social Innovation and Diversity

How do you utilize the various competences of your personnel to best effect? In collaboration with regional businesses and institutions, Windesheim investigates ways of identifying and utilizing diversity and thus creating added value.

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Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance deals with approaches and instruments that optimize transactions, working capital and costs of extended supply chains. New models can  significantly improve access to finance or reduce the need to finance by unlocking the potential from within supply chains instead of relying on external creditors.

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