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Privacy statement

Windesheim takes your privacy highly seriously and treats personal data of (potential) students, relations and visitors with due confidentiality. Responsibility for data processing lies with Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Campus 2-6, 8017 CA Zwolle.

Processing of personal data

Windesheim collects data by telephone, through (online) request and application forms and by various other methods. We use the data collected to approach our (potential) students, relations and visitors with information about study and training programmes Windesheim has to offer. When you have signed up for an activity, event or similar meeting, or are you using an app made by Windesheim, we will use that data for the specified purpose only, including our operational processes, communication about and performance of the activity, financial accounting and our legal obligation to retain records.

Data storage

The collected data are stored in our own relation management system. This is a high-security system and the stored data are not made available to third parties in any way whatsoever. They are not lent, rented out or sold, nor are they published in any other way.

Changing data

If you are on the mailing list for our email newsletter, you can use the newsletter to change your data or request to be taken off the newsletter mailing list. You are entitled to inspect your data and request corrections if necessary.


Do you have any comments or questions regarding our privacy policy? If so, please get in touch using the contact details below:

Campus 2-6
8017 CA Zwolle 
0900 - 8899 (from the Netherlands)
+31 (0) 88 - 469 9911 (from abroad)

Amendment of this privacy policy

Windesheim reserves the right to amend its privacy policy. If we do, we will publish the amendments on this page, which was last updated on 20th of October 2016.