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Who we are looking for

We are always looking for motivated staff to help us implement the personal approach to student guidance that defines the way we work.

As well as talented teaching staff, we are keen to recruit capable and committed managers, administrative personnel, HRM professionals and others.

Lecturers (Master's degree/PhD)

Your teaching experience and your vision of education enable you to captivate and teach students using modern educational techniques. You can also play a role in curriculum development, do practice-based research and build a professional network. Naturally, Windesheim offers you the opportunity to study your specialist field and hone your educational and other skills. We expect you to hold at least a Master's degree.

Are you an experienced or newly qualified lecturer? We can offer attractive personal development options. If it's your first post teaching in higher professional education (HBO), we provide five training sessions, where you can pick up lots of useful advice.

Once you've got at least six months' teaching experience at Windesheim, you'll be invited to take the Basic Teaching Professionalization course.

There are also increasing opportunities for PhD lecturers to participate in or supervise research, with a view to enriching the educational programmes.

Practising professionals

We place great emphasis on delivering education that's closely aligned with the professions our students will be entering. So we are constantly seeking out talented people with experience in those professions to join our teaching staff. If you're an able and experienced practising professional, why not share your expertise with our students and staff?

You have extensive experience in your field and you understand what knowledge and skills students need to succeed in your profession. You have a vision of education and you would like to continue your personal development as a full-time or part-time lecturer. In addition to teaching, you are able to contribute to curriculum development, undertake and supervise practice-based research and build and maintain a network within your professional field.

Support staff

Windesheim delivers high-quality education. To keep raising standards, our teaching staff need the best possible support. So we are always looking for people who want to use their skills and service-oriented attitude to play a part in carrying our organization forward. That includes talented managers, administrative staff and support personnel with skills in fields such as ICT, communication, human resource management, finance, student services, property and facilities.