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Want to know what it's like to work at Windesheim? Then listen to the people who already do!

Alma Schaafstal - Senior Head Lecturer of Serious Gaming and Manager of ICT degree programmes

“Windesheim has loads of opportunities for staff as well”

I’m just so thrilled when I see students giving it all they’ve got in a serious gaming project for a client who totally approves. Like this current project with some students working on a game for adolescents with multiple disabilities. And in their spare time too!

ICT students are doers. They flip open their laptops and get to work. And that’s when I tell them: “Not so fast. Have you looked at other options? And what about your literature research?” I teach them how to explore with a critical mind, look before they leap, consider their options and then go full speed ahead!

Windesheim has loads of opportunities for staff as well. Engineering and ICT is an easily accessible division and part of a broad university of applied sciences with lots of expertise. You’ve got plenty of room to implement innovative teaching methods and do applied research. That’s what makes it a pleasure to work at Windesheim.

My dream is to set up a powerful cluster of serious game businesses in the Zwolle area, whose staff are made up of talented student we trained. My combined job of Head Lecturer/Manager of ICT programmes and my broad international research experience have placed me in a perfect position to pursue this dream.

Tineke Kingma - Educational Consultant

“Creating value from scratch”

A passion for education and students, that’s the essence of my commitment to Windesheim, and has been for over 20 years. Starting out as a lecturer in the Social Educational Care programme, I now work as an educational consultant and project manager. Moreover, I teach training courses in project-based working to Windesheim colleagues. No two days are the same, which is part of Windesheim’s appeal for me. It’s a big organization and if you know what you’re after and what you can do, it has so much to offer.

Right now I’m involved as an educational consultant in a project to set up an honours programme for talented students. The programme focuses on research, entrepreneurship and education combined. It’s a wonderful project that brings me close to the primary educational process. I do consulting and design the structure and details of the curriculum, as well as conducting intake interviews with students. Starting from scratch and working together to create something truly valuable, that’s my kind of challenge!

Collaboration and mutual teaching and learning is also reflected in my overall Windesheim policy tasks. Windesheim has decided to adopt a uniform student career counselling policy to promote knowledge sharing. What I do is connect the various degree programmes so lecturers may learn from one another’s experiences; that’s my added value.

Rob Lamers, Lecturer of Administrative Law (Laws degree programme)

"Students wanted to hear more about my experiences"

Working at a university of applied sciences is a whole new experience for me. I was a lawyer for five years and for another seven years worked as a senior lawyer for a province. I felt it was time to take the next step. As a teacher at Windesheim I am being encouraged and challenged to seek personal and professional growth. That’s truly an inspiration.

I’m part of a team of colleagues who collaborate in an amicable setting where expertise and sociability go hand in hand. Also, there is a good synergy between lecturers and students, we get along well! To teach students about their field, tell them how things work in practice, where they will end up, what will be expected of them. They need to learn about themselves, that’s my teaching style. Recently a few students came back on a Friday afternoon, wanting to hear more about my experiences as a lawyer; I just loved it!

My father always thought I was cut out to be a teacher and he was right: working in the legal profession was fascinating and instructive, but at Windesheim I get the appreciation and opportunities that feel right for me. And of course there is the contact with students, which is great!