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Compensation and benefits

We are an ambitious and committed organization. Choosing Windesheim means choosing an employer that values its personnel and rewards them accordingly.

Windesheim is covered by the Collective Labour Agreement for Universities of Applied Sciences (cao-hbo): a collective agreement on compensation and benefits in the higher professional education sector. The cao-hbo defines the salary scales and many of the attractive benefits that we provide.
Bu that's not all. Windesheim offers extra benefits, as well as those provided for in the cao-hbo.

Get a good salary and year-end bonus

We offer excellent salaries. Are you a lecturer? You'll start on scale 11 (€ 3,273 to € 4,496). And you'll have opportunities to progress to scale 14 (€ 4,956.23 to € 6,317.86). What's more, under the cao-hbo all staff get a year-end bonus of 8.3 per cent of their gross annual salary.

Make the most of your talent

Your professional and personal development matter to us, because they are crucial to the way you perform your role. Our Corporate Academy can provide the support you need to realize your full potential. Professional and personal development is promoted through training, coaching and learning activities.

Travel green

We encourage 'green' travel modes, such as cycling, public transport and car-pooling. If you cycle to work, you get a special allowance and the chance to buy a bike on a tax-efficient basis. If you come to work by public transport, the cost is reimbursed in full (on the basis of second-class train travel). And if you share a car with a colleague at least half of the time, you qualify for a car-pooling allowance.

Get insurance cover

Windesheim offers excellent health insurance cover under group policies with Zilveren Kruis Achmea and FBTO. You can also get other forms of insurance on favourable terms under our agreement with Centraal Beheer Achmea.

Choose how much and when you work

We recognize the importance of a healthy balance between work and private life. That's why we offer flexibility in terms of the days you work and your working hours. You can opt for a working week of 36, 38 or 40 hours, entitling you to annual leave of 219, 323 or 428 hours. You can also take advantage of special benefits such as extra paternity leave when your partner gives birth, care leave and supplementary care leave.

Protect your future

As a Windesheim employee, you get a pension, which is paid into the ABP Pension Fund. Although your pension is important for your future, you probably won't be checking the fund's performance on a daily basis. So ABP organizes an 'office hour' for Windesheim staff several times a year.


Extra benefits

Every year, Windesheim and the trade unions negotiate a package of extra benefits. The benefits are exclusive to Windesheim and come on top of everything covered by the CLA. 

Stay up to date with professional literature

As well as receiving training, you can keep up to date by reading the latest surveys, articles and other publications in your field. If you purchase professional literature in connection with your work at Windesheim, we'll reimburse at least part of the cost.

Sabbatical leave

Would you like to focus on your long-term employability for a while? If so, you can ask your manager for work-related sabbatical leave: extended leave for activities that benefit Windesheim or your specialist field.

Partially paid parental leave

Along with other forms of leave, parental leave lets you free up time to care for children, without giving up your job or permanently reducing your hours. As a Windesheim employee, you can take the unpaid leave that the law entitles you to, plus partially paid leave under our own scheme.